Understanding How Pallet Racks Can Maximize Your Warehouse Space

With the current prevailing financial challenges that the industries are facing, every person can be seen looking for tips and methods to save time, money and even efforts without affecting their work flow. It is important that you store your products efficiently as it is directly related to your company’s growth, which in turn, will result in certain growth.

Be it a manufacturer, distributor or a retail store, there is a sense of similarity between all the three, which is that they all have raw or finished goods that have to be either stored or displayed. Easy access to your goods can help you save time and efforts, which will be beneficial in the long run. So, if you are looking out for something to help you improve your work standards, read on:

Where Can Pallet Racks Be Used?

The long span racks or pallet racks can be effectively used in various areas and industries.

1) It is perfect for the manufacturing and distributing industries. It can be used to store the raw products at the manufacturing end whereas at the distributing end, it can be beneficial to store the products for order picking.

2) It can also be effectively used at a retail store or record storage. Along with making maximum use of the allotted space, the products can also be set on display that eases the efforts of hunting a particular product.

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The Right Pallet Racks for Your Specific Needs

1) Selective Pallet Racks

It is one of the most preferred styles among all other racks. It extends easy and quick access to the stored goods. It makes efficient use of the floor space covered. It is best suited for the work that includes the storage of several products.

2) Pallet Flow Pallet Racks

This is the first rack system, which follows first in/ first out and that has been developed with high density storage space. It extends several picking levels without demanding much floor space. It is best suited to store perishable goods. Workplace Essentials extends a wide range of products that can interest you and your business needs. To see the range by Workplace Essentials, you can check out, http://www.workplaceessentialsuk.com/longspan-shelving-racking.html.

3) Drive In/ Drive Thru Pallet Racks

These are used to store large volumes of products. The Drive In racks follow the last in/ first out system that makes use of the same entry and exit point to reach the goods. However, the Drive Thru follows the first in/ first out system so as to provide access to the goods from both sides.

4) Carton Flow Pallet Racks

It follows the first in/ first out system that extends the product loading at the back and the product picking from the front of the system. It is beneficial for operations that have large volume of picking of products.

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